3 Significant Choices Often Ignored

Someone once told me, “Change is the only constant part of life.”

When I first heard that it seemed contradictory. I did not understand how that was even probable or possible. Years later - honestly more than a decade since I am a slow learner - the meaning was so obvious to me.

I continue to find that the optimal approach to achieve my intentions and feel "in tune" which means more conscious creation versus a default creation where I have loads of details to explain the results I didn’t want or was not expecting to receive.

Life is so much MORE fun when "thoughts turn into things, people, and relationships" synchronistically.

Yes, I like the feeling of living the dream, which usually happens in conjunction with a few moments of remembering I AM a powerful creator.

And now at this age, it seems obvious to me - life is worth living as a dream come true.

This video has three ideas to support you in keeping your hands on the rudder of your experiences - as the creator you naturally are.

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