When you are tuned into life you will see the difference and feel it too.

Calibrating Receptivity

"The future has many names. For the weak, it’s unattainable. For the fearful, it’s unknown. For the bold, it’s ideal."
~ Victor Hugo

Being connected with your inner being, having the experience of connecting with yourself, is naturally supplying your life experience with contentment and personal development.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the world around us comprised of more and more chaos, or dive into social media to hear the latest so and so, or feel it’s oh so necessary to stay current events that are out of our control. You have to choose what you will focus upon if you are serious about enhancing the quality of your life.

How Are You Doing Amidst The Upheavals In Society

By design, I am paying less and less attention to the chaos that permeates the fabric of daily life. One benefit is I am no longer fed up or disappointed every time another misconception is publicly unveiled but which used to be taught as a constant “Fact or Truth” over the last 60 years.

Back in the 90’s I did a long stay at the ashram of my meditation teacher. I remember, towards the end of my stay, being inspired - with the desire - of becoming steadfast with a rock stable foundation. I can describe that state as feeling absolutely steady - grounded in my convictions - and consistently practicing skills of self-reliance. For example, not getting caught up in the turbulence of every storm that hit my radar. Don't misinterpret what I am saying, at that time that desire was a very BIG reach, I knew I had a long path ahead but I was now committed.

Just last week, I silently noticed I have my rock foundation. Albeit decades have passed since that time. But the time aspect pales in comparison to the value received in the journey which was packed with inner treasures. I obtained my desire and now there I have new desires. We are always in a state of becoming. Do you agree?

What Is Receptivity?

Today, I can see I ended up on the perfect path, but there were weeks and months I had my darkest doubts. One significant benefit of my studies is a key comprehension I now own: there are specific life skills criteria that require tangible degrees of success - in its simplest interpretation; make a sincere effort and the inner treasures will appear.

I have learned that receptivity has degrees to which different levels of traction occur in my mental understandings and spiritual insights.

These insights arise from the solar plexus (SP). The SP is the location where physical nerves and spiritual impressions merge to create our unique inner Sun. This is the command center where we connect to our ancestors off the planet, where we synthesize the information we receive and integrate our conscious desires with the wisdom of the Universal Mother and Father.

I believe that learning to calibrate degrees of receptivity is reliant upon the awareness of the deciphering process taking place in the solar plexus.

Seven Life Skills

Over the years I have found seven distinct life skills that enhance calibrating receptivity. Just like a diamond has many facets, each of these skills contains a myriad of degrees.


Let's take a few seconds to cover what are NOT characteristics of thinking that produce a positive contribution: worry, self-doubt, doubt of others, or considering harm to other sentient beings.

The thinking skills here are based on creativity and imagination to design outcomes. And those outcomes benefit all people, places, and things in the environment. One tip, if you are a people pleaser this is not for you. The thinking ability I am pointing to translates into taking care of yourself. Next comes living harmoniously with others.

Desire is the watershed of thinking. What we desire does indeed steer our lives.
If you are feeling lost or stumbling, maybe its time to do some goal setting.
Do you know where you're going? Who/What is responsible for your achievements?

There is a question I heard a few times in my ashram days. At first, it did not mean much. But as I slowed my life down on the inside, that question transformed into a lighthouse. “Where are you headed?”


This is what one thinks which becomes what is spoken as comments/ideas or thoughts. Attitude is the lens by which a world is viewed and we all have our unique lens, or lenses, based on our life experiences and what we believe to be “so” or “true”.

Have you noticed that as you modify your attitude then the perceptions of what you see in the world: such as people, places, things, and events; also morph?

Let's say it like it is …. drum roll: Your attitude(s) is/are your gatekeeper(s).

If you want expansion/evolvement/change in life but seem stuck, it's time to examine the roots of your attitude(s).


Will power begins with a desire. With the idea of what you want. Then you employ a combination of attitude, thinking, practice, and study to keep your hand on the rudder so as to avoid known pitfalls, storms, and unpleasant experiences.


You must apply self effort as you go about your daily activities. Next comes tuning your action to be in alignment with your will power.

There is this law you need to know about called the Law of Cause and Effect. The cause of ANYTHING always starts with THINKING. The effect is what we see in our relationships, people, places, and things, and events.

I agree that I am giving you the very short version of my seven skills methodology. Don’t expect to accomplish it in a week or month. But I assure you, this method does work when you stick to it - practice.


This can take many forms. Reading is one of my favorites, it works well in my schedule. Find book(s) that help you decipher your ideology and then use the material to enforce your action plan. Or, to help you recognize your wins.

Yes, a shameless plug here, you can speak with me about my coaching services which is another form of study. We will meet on the phone once we establish a plan with specific outcomes around your desires.

Obviously, there are many types of self study. The main idea in this topic is to put your effort into a source that allows you a good deal of freedom and latitude. As an example, I don’t suggest you conjoin an organized religion to calibrate your receptivity. This is a journey best made in the heart, mind, and Soul of the individual.


This one is a tad tricky since it’s NOT the process of identification. Identification is good and has usefulness but not here. For example, identification works well to articulate the characteristics of an attitude so that you can spot it when it sneaks up on you.

The ability to recognize, which I am using here, relies on the subtle nature of life. The opposite of a fire truck with lights and sirens blazing by.

This degree of recognizing is a conjuncture of your thinking, your intuition, your study, and your practice. The key is feeling - what do you feel in the moment of recognition?

When I feel whole, harmonious, and satisfied at the moment I have a recognition, then I take it to heart. I don’t need the agreement of another Soul, news feed, or a friend for validation.


The sustaining skill of calibrating receptivity is practice. We have to continue refining our skills that feed living in the fresh receptivity we’ve garnered; otherwise, life takes on a stale vibe like hot, sticky gum on a tennis shoe.


Living a life rooted in what you desire, by your design, will evolve your creativity and confidence.

Developing these seven life skills will organically extend your emotions, mental attributes, physical components, and spiritual dimensions to fortify your whole being paradigm.

Steu Mann
July, 2023

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