Offering and contributing positive vibes to keep my focus on living happily.

Chaos Transmuted With Insight

"My beautiful one, born of pure radiance, you have love in your heart and a passion for play that cannot be dulled by bleakness, boredom or fear.”
~ Rumi

Don’t have to look too far to see that the fabric of life has changed.

Not that it is changing, but definitely has changed and continues to morph.

Three Types Of People

Looking around I see three classes of people. Those who are awake to new living styles, those who deny the world has changed, and those who are unaware of change or disruption.

I am a fan of living in a bubble. In the purse sense, I live in my world using thoughts to steer my experiences and activities.

I am here to offer and contribute positive vibes and to keep my focus on living in a world devoid of the financial implosion taking place, the crash in the rule of law, and the birthing of the one world order where the world population is internally being shrunk.

My World

In my world, there are healthy beings, and happy people, creating a society where all people are focused on positive outcomes.

If I happen to notice that people are unhappy and dissatisfied, or people are being discriminated against, or taken advantage of by other individuals, groups or political parties, then I, sooner hopefully than later, recognize I have stepped out of my bubble.

Some people will argue that bubble living is unrealistic.

Silently, I am reminding those folks that all of life is a choice - from small things/actions to larger things/actions.


I am a spiritual being, so I know, without a doubt, that God exists in all people, which means everyone has free choice. We have so much freedom we can choose to live in hellish mindsets or physical places.

To be clear, what I mean by God is divinity, not defined by a particular sect or creed.

By no way do I mean GOAT - God Of All Things, which is a satanic belief.

Like I said already, life is an amazing adventure created using the choices within each sentient being.

Moving Forward

I am a person who understands that thought is the most powerful force in the world. Plus, I chose to think for myself. Willpower is important to me. Without that power I allow myself to become sucked into the energy vortexes created by dark-minded people with evil intentions.

It seems that those people with those limited intentions will always be around, in one way or another, so I am not going to be coy in just ignoring them, they are excluded from my bubble.

What would happen if enough people came awakened right now in understanding free choice and wanting to move forward with connecting to people who are happy, satisfied and opting to live a lifestyle that suits them while also not inducing harm/negativity to others?

I am well aware I have a Soul as do all sentient beings.

This life contributes to my capacity to create using willpower and imagination which does not hinge on the approval of others. My life is committed to the noble cause of peace with prosperity and the high-quality development of humanity, which all begins with me.

Wishing you the very best.

Blessings, Steu Mann
November, 2023

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