Without a purpose to guide you there is no rudder in your ship.

Living Your Purpose

"Meditation is a shifting of consciousness. Am allowing broader nonphysical consciousness. The purpose of meditation it to let the nonphysical part of you dominate."
~ Abraham

Discovering, and living, your own purpose is an amazing journey.

So often we consider our career, raising a family, or getting a degree as our purpose. While they are worthy and wonderful, they are not everlasting.

Perhaps this is the window in your life, right now, to examine your eternal being. The core of you, which will always be present even after your physical body has ceased.

Take the steps to acknowledge and live in the awareness that you are an eternal being is a gear switcher. This shirt is only possible when you move your focus inward and uncover the treasures you already have.


One awakening segment in this journey is owning that your joy springs from within. Exploring your own preferences is eye-opening. This is not an activity we were taught in school, and most of our parents are not participating from a preference point of view. Preferences are individual, not her driving, which is bigger than it seems.

The fundamental ground rule here is not hurting or harming another sentient being. Joy does not come at the expense of another's pain. Joy is the simple feeling good, and when you get along the trail on this one, you can feel magnificent for no apparent reason.


Another awakening segment in this journey is owning that your creativity is rooted within you, in the nature of your being. Inspiration is the foundation of creativity. The ability to be inspired comes from within, and yes, sometimes outside events are inspiration.

When you build your muscle of creativity, it fortifies the stream of inspiration within you, so ordinary life suddenly takes on new hues of perception. This type of inspiration is not necessarily strengthened by the agreement of another.

You will reach a point in your experience where you live in the fulfillment of your own, unique experience without being dependent on the agreement of another sentient being.


One more awakening segment in this journey is owning that satisfaction is what you bring to life, not what life provides to you. Your inner satisfaction arises unexpectedly in the process because it's a new experience. Until now, we have been conditioned to rely on outside events and situations to bring satisfaction.

Too bad they don’t teach this in K–12 schools, building your satisfaction from within. The chaos in the world is driving more people to examine their own ideas and perceptions. That kind of activity will naturally bring about a fresh sense of satisfaction.

The desire for personal satisfaction is a common thread among all of us. The secret is going within to find it and nourishing it with your creativity and faith.


Realizing that you are a unique expression and that each sentient being is a unique expression opens multiple doors for levels of joy, creativity, and satisfaction. It’s not about asking another sentient being to find these three qualities or needing their encouragement. More importantly, it's your commitment and action in taking the steps that will help you discover treasures that already exist within you.

Be assured, this awakening process has already begun as you read this short article.

Published April, 2023

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