Power is always arising from withing, stop wasting time on anything else.

Examine Power In Your Life

"Subatomic particles do not exist until they are observed."
~ Bruce Lipton, Holographic Universe

The only power of life is creating, which is done within your thinking.

Within you exist two components, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Of these two Powers, the outward or Objective and changeable is known as the Consciousness, or Conscious Mind, or the Objective Mind, because it deals with or is concerned with outward or objective considerations, such as the Objective Mind of humanity, education, etc.

The Inner Power is known as the Subconscious Mind, or Subjective Mind, or Subconscious Channel between personal Consciousness and Omni- consciousness (which is the individual’s part, or degree, of the omnipresent Spirituality, or Mind, or God). Within the realm or domain of this latter mental plane is the Power that controls the regular functions that make physical life possible. This Mind never sleeps. It is constantly active.

Consciousness is easily capable of directing the Subconsciousness. EX replacing negaitive thinking habits with postive thinking habits thus modifying frequecy/vibration.

Subcounscious: It’s the impression of conscious thought: understanding, wisdom, answers to questions, solutions to problems, guidance, warning, counsel, intuition, and spiritual knowledge are supplied or furnished to the Consciousness.

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Date Published: 25 Feb., 2023

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