You are the only one that can create and sustain your sense of well being.

Imagination, so much personal power yet so under rated.

The older I become there I see in people I meet, the ones with active, steady behaviors of thinking out of the box …. those folks are so much more fun to be around.

Had this amazing deciphering process the other day about facts and Truth I want to share.

Facts are measurable.

Truth is not so measurable.

Facts need measurements and or opinions to be valid.

Truth relies on inner faith, on self reliance, and will.

This new understanding opens new worlds for me. For a while I was the one thinking that facts justify or define a Truth, but no more.

Some examples….

Facts are the easy ones….
Water is wet.
I think ________ because of _____________.
I read it in __________.

Truth is, doesn’t require evidence to substantiate it.
God exists in all things.
Today is a remarkable day.
I am good with _____________.

Sitting here writing this is the easy piece. Putting this into practice as life goes by is the playing field.

Date Published: 15 May, 2022

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