Thinking is ongoing, 7 x 24, but what and who does it serve?

Thinking Benefits What?

"With the doctors and malpractice it comes down to respect, a very thin slice. The ones showing respect in their tone of voice were sued less often."
~ Malcolm Gladwell, Blink

Thinking Is.

We know this because our mind is always active.  Yes, we know that because we have thoughts.

The point I would encourage you to consider is thus: What does thinking benefit? Is it just an endless saga you cannot control?

There are only two methods of thinking: default and focused.

Default Thinking

The majority of people are default thinkers. This method is simply processing one though after the next. Day in and day out, just taking the thoughts that appear and living them.

Those who want more peace and contentment achieve it because they learn to filter their thoughts.

The restless and anxiety-filled folks are living in full-on default mode.

The ingredients necessary to move off the default thinking platform include discernment, courage, and faith.

Discernment: You must develop the ability to distinguish a thought before it can be changed. For example, thinking a thought that upsets you every time you think it, versus recognizing you are upset and changing your thought.

Courage: the muscle of personal development takes inner courage since you cannot rely on the opinions of other people or external forces. This courage resides within you; no one can take it from you. With this courage, you become a self-determined person.

Faith: a force residing within you. Trusting your instincts builds and ability to listen and be aware of more than what your five senses bring to you. There is no ceiling on faith; it's a skill that connects you with your soul.

Focused Thinking

Concentration is required for focused thinking.

This ability means you think, but yet you are observing your thought processes.

You have a connection with your feelings, and as you think, you recognize what feels good and what does not feel so good.

As you achieve deeper concentration, your mind wanders less. You think the thoughts you choose to think.

This new ability opens doors to discovering the world in a new light because focused thinking will make the Law of Cause and Effect less painful and more enjoyable.

Less painful because you recognize that what you are thinking is bringing events and situations to you or around you.

As you improve your focused thinking, you improve your personal power.

Published 1 April, 2023

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