Our body is constantly in a state of change as we go through the day and night, sending on our level of physical/emotional activity.

Time Shifting

What Are You Discovering About Time?

“The first Law of Nature has been said to be “self-preservation.” That is NOT true. The first Law of Nature is: “KNOW THYSELF,” for how can you preserve what you do not KNOW ALL ABOUT?.”
~ Theological Science Society

I think we will all agree that time is constant.

Looking at the lifestyles of different people, we will hear different experiences of time.

At best, time is a measurement of action occurring.

Time Is Obvious

Let’s look at the nature of our being. We are more electrical than we notice. Every cell has a charge. As our emotions change so does the charge in our bodies. Just as water boils when energy is applied, so do our bodies sweat when the temperature increases.

Have you ever felt that you're doing someone and time flies by? Or, conversely, you are doing something you don't really enjoy and time slows to nil.

The only change in those two experiences is how we are feeling. Happy and time flies. Disgruntled and time slows.

Degrees Of Time

Our body is constantly in a state of change as we go through the day and night, sending on our level of physical/emotional activity.

Is it fair to say that as the day and night pass, we have different experiences of time? Those nights of a deep sleep pass quickly, whereas nights filled with constant waking seem longer.

On a larger scale, let's use relationships or marriage. In the months and years when life is good time sails by. But, when there are unresolved issues and/or emotional challenges then time turns to thick molasses and creeps.

I can write hundreds of these examples that apply to all people or specific lifestyles.

Can we agree that how you are feeling will impact - positively or negatively - your experience of time?

Let's label these as degrees of time.

Time has varying degrees which are directly related to how you are feeling.

DNA & Genes

Some will argue here that genes cause traits that cause specific symptoms or diseases.

Bruce Lipton wrote an excellent book: The Biology of Belief. Here is an excerpt from his book about traits.

“The science of epigenetics, which literally means “control above genetics,” profoundly changes our understanding of how life is controlled. (Pray 2004; Silverman 2004) In the last decade, epigenetic research has established that DNA blueprints passed down through genes are not set in concrete at birth. Genes are not destiny! Environmental influences, including nutrition, stress, and emotions, can modify those genes without changing their basic blueprint."

After reading his book I was 100% clear that each of us, using our willpower, has a clean slate on how we think and thus act/behave.

That clarity transmuted my stories about this or that which happened previously in my life into understanding how events and experiences coalesce in a process of natural evolution.


There are rich meaningful data sets to supplement how we determine aspects of life.

Like it or not, we are electrical beings, which means we must take electrical stimulation into consideration when viewing our lifestyles.

However, in the bigger picture, as we increase our intuitive abilities we recognize guidance on finding data sets and tools to better sustain our health.

"The very moment that a person realizes his oneness with Omnipotence, he recognizes himself no longer as a physical individual with a spirit, but rather as a spirit with a body. He is then no longer merely a physical being. He ceases to erroneously regard himself as a body, subject to the ills and diseases. He knows the truth that he is spirit, as much spirit now as he ever can or will be. He knows that he is the builder, and so the master of the physical body - the house or temple in which he lives. The moment he thus recognizes his power as master, he ceases to permit the body in any way mastery over him and his thought processes. Understanding is his own supremacy he no longer fears anything, as he did when he was not in harmony with his own being and things which affected him. He learns to love what he once feared and so he comes into harmony with them, or rather, in his understanding, they come into harmony with him. The former slave is now master. When we learn to love anything or anybody they longer harm us.
~ Theological Science Society

It's easy to enjoy life when I direct myself to do so, with the natural benefit of time shifting, so much so, that experiences are an essence and not a toil.

I am discovering degrees of how time is directly associated with feeling(s).

Yes, feeling is correlated with willpower, which is a manifestation of the degree in my current spirituality.

Wishing you the very best.

Blessings, Steu Mann
November, 2023

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